Aug. 7th, 2012 12:27 pm
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The life is like a swing – up-down, left-right. A revolution is always followed by a counterrevolution, a growth always comes after a crisis. A black band is surely replaced by a white one and the heat by the frost. Nothing is everlasting, and the stability – despite the speeches from the TV – is possible only in dynamics. Otherwise, if the swing is stopped… No, I don't say that the life will end, just try one day to stop a swing and to make a kid leave it.

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They didn't want it good, they wanted it Wednesday. (c) Robert A. Heinlein
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There are three things a soldier wants to do when there's a respite on the road. One involves lighting a cigarette, one invovles lighting a fire, and the other one involves no flames at all but does, generally, require a tree.*

* Actually a tree is not, technically required, but seems to be insisted upon for reasons of style.
(c) guess who?
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"To be or not to be" is not the question.
The question is "what for?"
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The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

Government always finds a need for whatever money it gets.

Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them

Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

(c) Ronald Reagan

Carpe diem

May. 22nd, 2007 04:39 pm
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Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again. (с) Robert A. Heinlein
Не опирайся спокусі. Вона ж може на твоєму шляху більше й не трапитися. (с) Роберт Е. Хайнлайн
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Last years there are a lot of talks about the need of Ukrainian own culture product to counterbalance the foreign expantion in our cultural space. Me personally, I understand as not uniquely Ukrainian language music, books or films. Well, to be competitive a pop-culture product must be be selling well and thus must be conceived with some marketing idea in mind. Unfortunately the majority of such products is oriented to the Russian market and is too "customized" to suit my tastes. On the other hand there are those who try an entry to the internatianal showbiz market. I can be subjective, but their quality seems to be better.
As illustration listen to "Stereoliza". I love her English! She... well, actually they are a band, but it's so easy to think about it as "she" :) She's a bit too hard on "dirty" language, but she uses it to communicate some ideas behind the words. And though I'm not at all a rap&hip-hop fan I find the music rather stylish. The whole is caustic and prickly but charming. At least for me.

PS: переклад в коментах
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Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive. (с) George Bernard Shaw

Well, in fact it’s not that funny as it seams… To eat or not to eat – this is the question!
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A year ago I asked about my entries you liked the best. Now show me your own postings you think worth to be (re)read. Give me this pleasure, please :) And of course: Happy New Year!

Рік тому я питав про мої пости, які вам сподобалися більш за все. Тепер же покажіть мені свої власні, які на вашу думку варто про(пере)читати. Зробіть мені таке задоволення :) Ну й звісно: з Новим Роком!
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The life, in fact, is a pursuit of pleasures. The only nuance lays in the possibility to say WHO you are, knowing WHAT kind of pleasures you prefer.

По существу, жизнь – это погоня за удовольствиями. Единственный нюанс заключается в том, что зная, КАКИЕ удовольствия ты предпочитаешь, можно сказать, КТО ты.
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Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get (с) George Bernard Shaw

Докладай зусиль щоб отримувати те, що любиш, бо інакше муситимеш любити те, що матимеш (с) Джордж Бернард Шоу
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Праця складається з будь-чого, що треба зробити. Гра полягає ж в будь-чому, чого робити не змушують. (с) Марк Твен

Ми перестаємо грати не тому, що старіємо; ми старіємо, бо перестаємо грати (с) Джордж Бернард Шоу

See in English there and there / См. по-русски там и там
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Думаю, все помните песенку из сабжа в исполнении капитана Врунгеля. И какая-то правда, в ней наверняка есть. Встречают ведь не только по одежке, но и по имени. Особенно здесь в жж. Или, может, это я обобщаю свой личный опыт на всех и каждого? Не знаю. Но юзеров с никами вроде <"икс"-"игрек"-"йот"> или <д*****б> я не понимаю и не жду от них ничего хорошего. Ведь ники-то эти они выбирали себе сознательно...
Но это я так, немного отвлекся. Я собственно хотел спросить у вас, дорогие и синтересомчитаемые френды, о ваших никах. Что они значат? Как выбирали? И почему выбрали именно этот?
Если кто вдруг не видел, про свой я уже писал.
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First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity (с) George Bernard Shaw

Перша любов – це лише трохи дурості та багато цікавості (с) Джорж Берднард Шоу

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Some look at things that are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not? (c) George Bernard Shaw


Jul. 12th, 2006 06:19 pm
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I was sitting and listening for the current music. Wondering about all these ciphers. And, finally, I've got it - being Americans, they think in inches not in centimeters! :)
Now wondering why 22 instead of 24...

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Well, I friended [livejournal.com profile] mialuthien in December, but she was out in the RL for a while. Now she's back. A girl from Latvia, typing in English. I remember she has no problems with Russian, but her key-board has :) She's wrong pretending to have no sense of humour. She is very good to communicate with. Strange, her profile page is much more informative then her lj itself. Maybe because "There is a mystical beast called a dictionary. It lives on that shelf, there."
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About ten years ago when discussed economics and politics with a friend (a French guy) I was asked about a first coming association to “German” – he wanted to illustrate his idea. I answered without thinking: “Soldier”. “I see”, he replied. “I expected from you ‘Money’, but I see…”
Well, it’s good and useful to remember the past. No doubts about it. But I think we should, first, live in the present and, second, do not mix up the real past with myths about it.

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Am I wrong, or indeed there is no humor without teasing and provocation? Like in this one:
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Я помиляюся, чи й справді гумор неможливий без дражніння та провокації? Он як тут:
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